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SERV-TECH CNC specializes in the production of precise prototype machining using metals such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and exotic metals such as inconel, invar, kovar, tungsten, and aircraft alloys. Our primary specialization is in the branches such as the medical industry, aerospace industry, automation and robotics industry.


Our company owns a vast machine park consisting of the most high end, efficient and precise Japanese CNC machines for example (Mazak, Enshu, Okuma, Kitamura, Hitachi Seiki, More Seiki as well as other high end CNC machines used for professional machining. Our machinery lot is equipped with devices and tools such as CNC machining centers, CNC milling machines (both vertical and horizontal, multi pallet) lathes (turning and boring lathes) grinders and wire electrical discharge machines. The measuring department is equipped with manual measuring machines with electronic readings and measuring devices such as CMM machines that are essential in guaranteeing precision and accuracy. Our company has approximately 50 CNC machines and 15 conventional ones.

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Due to the large number of machines, the company can put to use a large amount of time for a potential partner, while the machines will be reserved only for the customer.

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Our well-equipped machine park allows us to process a variety of materials, ranging from plastic to the hardest metal alloys such us invar, kovar, inconel, tungsten, titanium or aircraft alloys.

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Our quality management system ensures quick and reliable on-time delivery service. Our equipment is cutting edge and top of the line, which means no project is too far out of reach for us.